Episode 26 - Cheryl Ciecko
Moisture Management

Dive into this informative presentation led by an experienced architect specializing in building science to discover the top 5 most effective strategies for managing moisture in your home. Learn how to use tools to monitor and manage humidity, ensure proper exterior drainage, monitor your home’s foundation, and detect moisture hazards in roofs and walls. Empower yourself to maintain a healthy living environment of your own.

  • Effective strategies for managing moisture in your home.
  • Tools to monitor and manage humidity and your home’s foundation.
  • How to ensure proper exterior drainage and detect moisture hazards in roofs and walls.

Cheryl is a licensed architect and industry educator providing strategies for professionals, building owners and individuals to better deal with water damage, mold and toxins in buildings. In a world where ‘professionals’ are defined by the hours of courses they have taken, Cheryl brings years of quality experience to her work.

Her past responsibilities include 5 years as Midwest Regional Director and Senior Technical Director for the wood industry in North America.
She brings tenacious research abilities, analytical thinking and experience to the topic of environmental health, while sharing design and construction solutions that make a difference.

Cheryl is a frequent speaker at architecture and engineering conferences around the U.S., participating on the Board of Directors for Association of Licensed Architects – Illinois, and the American Lumber Standards Committee.
Currently based in Wyoming, Cheryl holds a B.S. in Architecture with High Honors from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, and a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Minnesota- Minneapolis.