Episode 27 - Corbett Lunsford
Ventilation Designs for Healthy Homes

Join the co-host of the PBS series Home Diagnosis as he guides you through actionable steps to improve your home’s ventilation, resulting in enhanced indoor air quality. Explore the five factors that every modern home needs to promote ventilation, including circulation, capture/filtration, humidity control, dilution air, and pressure relief. Learn about best usage and positioning of exhaust fans and hoods, safe electronics used for cleaning and ventilation, and much more in this informative presentation.

  • Actionable steps to improve your home’s ventilation, resulting in improved indoor air quality.
  • Five factors every modern home needs to promote ventilation.

Exhaust fans, safe air cleaning and ventilating devices, and more.


Corbett Lunsford co-hosts the PBS series ‘Home Diagnosis’ and is the author of ‘Home Performance Diagnostics: the Guide to Advanced Testing’. His work with his wife Grace testing and tuning the invisible dynamics of home physics, chemistry, and microbiology led them to create hundreds of videos for YouTube’s 'Home Performance' channel, and to build the world’s highest performance tiny house on wheels for a U.S. Tour in 2016. He’s now finished building a high performance forever home with his family in Atlanta.
Learn more at: BuildingPerformanceWorkshop.com