Episode 17 - Dr. Anna Roth
Environ-Mental Health

View environmental illness and its impact on mental health through the eyes of a clinical psychologist as she candidly shares her own profound transformative journey. Acquire wisdom to distinguish between environmental illness and mental illness, take note of the signs of mold PTSD and effective treatments, and discover the importance of treating limbic dysfunction and addressing grief. Uncover ways to harness the trauma of environmental illness as a catalyst for growth, purpose, and a fresh outlook on life.

  • Environmental illness and its impact on mental health through the eyes of a clinical psychologist who has personally experienced it.
  • Distinguish between environmental illness and mental illness.
  • Signs of mold PTSD, treating limbic dysfunction, and addressing grief.
  • Ways to harness trauma as a catalyst for growth.

Dr. Anna Roth is a Holistic Psychologist, Registered Yoga Teacher & Executive Coach passionate about integrative and embodied approaches to human potential. Heartfelt and holistic, Dr. Anna's method folds in the best of psychology, somatics, spirituality, mindfulness, functional medicine, and yoga to bring about life changing transformation. She obtained her MA & PhD from the University of Minnesota, spending nearly a decade studying all of the things that could be wrong with us, to help us see that nothing is. Above all, Dr. Anna helps people make *themselves* a home. She currently offers executive coaching and retreats and writes on IG @drannaroth. When she isn’t deep diving with her clients, you can find her exploring a new hiking trail, learning how to cook poorly or tending to her flourishing plant obsession. For more information on Dr. Anna check out her website here.

Dr. Anna has a special place in her heart for those suffering from environmental illness after spending the last year on medical leave due to becoming completely disabled from a year long exposure to extreme levels of toxic mold. She suffered a acquired brain injury from the exposure and like many moldies, spent over a year in isolation and while detoxing. She lost everything multiple times, but gained herself. Her peace. And a new lease on life. She is determined to help others navigate the brutal journey that is mold illness and do her part to advocate for safe air for all.