Episode 21 - Michael Pinto
Myths and Misconceptions

Get ready to dispel 15 common myths and misconceptions surrounding mold, as presented by a legend in the indoor environmental health industry. Uncover the truth about whether mold is always harmful and learn facts about infamous “black mold” and toxigenic mold. Explore mold remediation guidelines, including the potential for DIY remediation, and settle the debate between cleaning and fogging versus physical removal and post-removal cleaning. Understand the importance of addressing hidden mold and find answers to your questions about cleaning possessions affected by mold.

  • Whether mold is always harmful and facts about “black mold” and toxigenic mold.
  • Explore mold remediation guidelines and the potential for DIY remediation.
  • Settle the debate between cleaning and fogging versus physical removal and post-removal cleaning.
  • How to address hidden mold and clean possessions affected by mold.

Michael A. Pinto is chief executive officer of Wonder Makers Environmental, Inc., a manufacturing and environmental consulting firm that specializes in identification and control of all types of indoor contaminants. For over 40 years Michael has provided professional safety and industrial hygiene services related to asbestos, lead, IAQ, mold, chemical exposures, infectious agents, and noise. Mr. Pinto is the author of over 230 published articles and several books including, Fungal Contamination: A Comprehensive Guide for Remediation and Forensic Restoration: Procedures to Protect Operators and Occupants.

He completed doctoral course work in environmental engineering and holds numerous certifications in the environmental and safety areas, including Certified Safety Professional, Safety Management Specialist, Certified Mold Professional, Fire Loss Specialist, and Certified Forensic Operator. In addition to being a frequent speaker at industry events, Michael has been honored with such prestigious awards from the Restoration Industry Association (RIA) such as the Golden Quill, Martin L. King Award, and the Phoenix Award for Innovative Restoration. He has also been honored with the President’s and Emeritus Board Awards as well as the Snider Lifetime Achievement Award from the Environmental Information Association (EIA). He also served as an RIA representative on a joint task force with members from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) providing education and guidance regarding the provision of restoration services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

From asbestos to mold Michael has been on the forefront of industry trends and shared expertise with homeowners, property managers, the restoration industry, cleaning contractors, and the general public. He is known internationally for his expertise in dealing with situations involving sensitized individuals and has been recognized by federal and state courts as an expert in addressing indoor contaminants.